Why produce animated videos, explainer videos and whiteboard videos?

Complex ideas and messages can be difficult to communicate and it is very important to get them 100% right. There can be no grey area when it comes to vital messages. Animated videos are a really great way of getting your message to an audience directly and with ultimate clarity. They can inform an audience in a very clear and direct way, and in a way that no interview led video could ever hope to achieve.

Whether a government agency message or an instructional video for a new product, graphic based videos may be the best way of connecting with your audience. We regularly create them and when we do, they are usually a blend of logos, animated characters, products and music and are either brought together by a very clear voiceover or by very clear text. Here at VideoWorks, we can produce animated videos with a quick turnaround and to a very high standard. We have a proven track-record and have delivered content to numerous private and public sector clients. We can make a video to suit your budget and by working with a fantastic team of talented creatives, we can successfully get your message out to a wide audience.

If you want a quote for the production of an animated video, get in touch now and discover how animated video production can transform your messaging!

Case Study: Mid Ulster Enterprise Week