Here at VideoWorks, our clients include companies working in a large range of industries. These corporate videos often have multiple uses, including B2B, B2C and internal messaging. Explaining a product to customers is one of the primary uses of corporate videos however they can be invaluable in any situation whereby a business wants to communicate a clear and important message about their business and their potential. 

We have worked with some amazing businesses and creating videos that are both on-brand and on-message is a speciality we have gained from 15 years experience. Our clients have come from numerous sectors including agriculturel, tech, retail, and tourism. Some of these clients have been very big, others have been very small, but no matter the size we have found a budget to suit their business scale.

The truth is that in todays world to share your message, video has become a vital tool. A great corporate video can be the clearest and most succinct pitch your business can make. Having an online presence, one that is rich and visual, is the best showcase your business can have in the modern connected business environment. Offline these videos can transform your company’s presence at a conference or a trade show into a memorable experience for other attendees.

We can conduct professional interviews, capture rich visuals, gather product shots and shoot aerial footage to bring scale, professionalism and style to your business.

VideoWorks is Northern Ireland’s best video production company for businesses and brands. If you want an impactful corporate video, get in touch with us!!

Case Study: MagGrow