In a crowded marketplace, video is essential to create real differentiation for products and services and to boost sales. For the age that we live in, video is the best way to promote a product or service because it can communicate tone and clarity of message. The videos themselves are perfectly designed for social media and with the right strategy, they can retain old customers and drive new customers to the product on offer. Every product and every service needs promoting and video has to be central to the strategy.

To create a great promotional and marketing video, the strategy is simple… with the best. At VideoWorks, we have assembled a talented team of storytellers, cinematographers and editors who can transform an idea on paper into a fantastic video. Using our skill and experience, video marketing becomes so well executed that your brand is presented in the exact way that it should be.

VideoWorks is Northern Ireland’s best video production company for marketing and promotional needs. If you want an impactful product or service video produced, get in touch with the best!

Case Study: Lucozade