types of video marketing

Video marketing is no longer a column of a brand’s marketing strategy.

It’s the foundations, the walls, the decor.

Essentially, video is now the best method of communicating with your customers. As of 2022, an average person is predicted to spend 100 minutes per day watching online videos. This makes video content an irreplaceable part of any business’s marketing strategy.

According to Hubspot, video has absolutely dominated social. Their research shows that four of the top six channels on which global consumers watch video are social channels. Images and text can get a message across, but it’s fast becoming a less effective form of reaching your audience.

So, there are the facts— let’s get into strategy.

How is your business going to use video marketing not only to stand out but in a way that gets prospects moving through the funnel?

Videos need to have a specific purpose— there’s no single video that’s going to cater for those in the awareness stage all the way to conversion. That’s why we’re going to break down your strategy into sections or “types” so that you can cater to each stage of your marketing funnel.

5 Types of Video Marketing to Improve Your Strategy

A note to say that this isn’t an exhaustive list— there are plenty more categories. Saying that, most videos will fall under one of the following umbrellas.

1. Brand videos

Marketing funnel stage: Awareness

An impressive 90% of customers say that product video helps them make buying decisions, according to Forbes. Brand videos create a sense of relatability and trust. People like buying from people and these videos put a name to the brand. As with all marketing videos, you have the chance to express more in less time. Using music and lighting to create a tone, as well as creating a script that evokes emotion in the intended viewers.

You also have the opportunity to show that you genuinely care about solving solutions for your customers and providing a top-quality service. Working with a video production company here can come in handy to distil your message so that it carries the most impact.

2. Educational videos and explainer videos

Marketing funnel stage: Consideration

Explainer videos are there to inform and entertain the user. This is what makes the video powerful in its ability to create conversions.

77% of viewers watch an explainer video for up to 2 minutes. Given that this is the average length of an explainer video, this shows the effectiveness of explainer videos. Compare this to a blog post, where people on average read 20% of the available content and it’s clear which gives you a better chance of gaining attention.

For your marketing strategy, see if you can shift perspective from needing to tell viewers about your business, to giving them access to what you provide. This works for service as well as product businesses.

3. BTS (Behind the Scenes) videos

Marketing funnel stage: Consideration and Decision

People love to see behind the curtain. Again, it creates a personal connection and shows all the work that goes on in the business. Showing the ups and downs, the challenges and ‘wins’ of your business really appeals to us as humans. The authenticity, and at times vulnerability, of BTS videos have the power to move customers towards the conversion stage.

Livestream in collaboration with the NewYork Magazine found that 87% of people will watch a video if it includes behind the scenes content.

Lastly, when you have new product launches or exciting projects in the works, BTS allows you to offer sneak peeks that will pique your audience’s interest. BTS can be casually done on your social stories and short videos, and are often great when done off the cuff and naturally.

So pull out the smartphone, bite the bullet, and give it a go!

4. Testimonial videos

Marketing funnel stage: Conversion

Testimonial videos are where you can get ahead of the game.

They’re far more memorable compared to a lengthy review.

Customers are more trusting when they don’t feel under pressure to make a purchase. A satisfied customer talking to someone in the same boat helps them to decide whether your brand is right for them. Testimonials allow your hard work towards leading customer service to speak for itself.

Stafford in a Forbes article on incorporating video into a social media strategy states that “Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it on video, compared to 10% when reading it in a text.”

To learn more about how to create a testimonial video that secures sales, check out B2B Guide to Testimonial Videos.

5. Product launches and exciting updates

Marketing funnel stage: Retention

It is 5 times more expensive to attain a new customer compared to retaining an existing one.

With that stat in mind, it’s good to look after your existing community. They’ve made the initial purchase, but how do you keep them continuing their business with your brand?

Turning the lens on product launches is a great tactic.

Leverage storytelling to capture the excitement of the new product or update. Focus on the benefits that your existing customers will receive and tease customers’ curiosity.

The added bonus here is that focusing on retaining customers also tends to encourage new customers to get on board too!

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