Fermanagh and Omagh Neighbourhood Watch

We were delighted when the Fermanagh and Omagh District Council approached us with the brief for this video. The aim of the video is to showcase the combined efforts of the communities in this area that makes the area a safer place to live.

Here is the end result: Neighbourhood Watch – Fermanagh and Omagh District Council

Video style points

Each aspect of the video holds a note of optimism. The music, the lighting, and the scenes are bright and welcoming. The Fermanagh and Omagh District Council and the PCSP (Policing and Community Safety Partnership) want the local people to see how much impact each person can have by joining their Neighbourhood Watch Scene.


Sweeping aerial footage in the opening scene brings you right into the community. There are also shots of one of the Neighbourhood Watch signs of the area. Action shots of bustling traffic, the police station, a local resident browsing the PCSP website and close-ups of residential areas sets the scene and reminds people why the Neighbourhood Watch is so important. The scheme provides support and advice to locals so that they can help in keeping their area safe. We filmed much of the remaining content in the homes of Neighbourhood Watch members, or the police station. Choosing this backdrop over a more professional set draws the viewer into the community focus of this entire video.

Again, we were delighted to highlight the benefits of this scheme:

  • Get to know your neighbours – the Neighbourhood Watch is an ideal setting to form friendships with neighbours
  • Workshops – the community has the opportunity to learn about important safety information from fraud to internet safety to spotting and reporting criminal behaviour
  • Facebook page – connect the community and space for people to report suspicious activity.
  • Monthly meet-ups – during these events, coordinators share learnings and are there for help, advice and support.
  • Opportunity for community to have a voice – this scheme strengthens the ties between the police and the community they protect
  • Preventative activity – helps to reduce crime in the area
  • Safety – all of these efforts culminate to ultimately make the area a safer place to live.

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