Corporate and business video production

How can you connect with your employees using video!

Video is an excellent way of improving employee engagement with internal communications. It is arguably the most effective form of media in terms of increasing employee engagement and boosting workplace productivity. It is quickly becoming the new preferred mode of internal communications as it can be used to engage with people in an impressive range of ways such as corporate presentations and social media.

If you are looking to incorporate more visuals into your internal communications, here are a few tips for grabbing and maintaining your audience’s attention.

1. Keep your video brief!

The ideal video should be no longer than four minutes as your viewers will get bored and stop watching. Be sure to keep it simple, clearly make your point and avoid any additional, unnecessary content. 

2. Use graphics or animations.

If your video is very data heavy, it may be a good idea to use graphics or animations to illustrate your facts. This will hold attention and help the viewer to better understand your message.

3. Use a producer that specialises in producing corporate videos.

If you are new to the world of video production, it can be daunting to try incorporate it into your internal communication practices. A good video producer can help you get things moving and make sure your video will work for your needs.

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