Induction video production

Why Induction Videos for New Employees is the Next Step For Your Business

You’ve found a new team member for your business. And all you want is to get them to hit the ground running and bring their experience and talents to your company.

That’s likely what your newest member want too.

However, slotting people into your company isn’t always straightforward and never immediate. Each company has its unique culture, processes and key values.

We’re going to dive into why induction can be fast-tracked using video. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll be exploring why having training videos offer a more seamless onboarding process – and save time and resources along the way.

Welcoming employees through induction videos

Welcoming new employees into a company can be tricky.

Particularly as expanding your team often happens during a growth spurt. It’s all hands on deck, meaning your new employee might not get a proper onboarding but rather rushed explanations and a ‘figure the rest out yourself’ approach. It’s no one’s fault – but there is definitely a better approach. Creating a series of induction videos is incredibly cost-effective. The time demanded by any handover or induction process shrinks down to what’s important.

Fast-track onboarding with tutorials

Video format can be particularly helpful for onboarding tutorials and how to’s. Again, it can also be massively timesaving.

A current employee has to take time out to take a new member through various tasks and processes. However, if they’re shown insightful, step by step video first, it allows the new employee to feel more aware of what their tasks are.

Another benefit is being able refer back to these videos if they are unsure about something. Of course, this does not replace the need for a mentor. Rather it reduces the time they need to spend explaining what could easily be conveyed through video. Animations and whiteboard videos are particularly useful for tutorials as they are perfect for delivering information in a simple and accessible way.

Introduce newcomers to new software

Explaining to employees to new software increases uptake. Create a video that outlines the benefits to their processes and the company as a whole. Find ones relevant and even unique to your company so the advantages entice and resonate.

For example, if you’ve recently set up a subscription for livestreaming, it’s important to highlight its efficiency. While email has its place, the back and forth of the inbox can take up a lot of time. Explain to your team that organising both internal and external online meetings will free up their time. Any software that promises to free up hectic workdays, in the long run, will be better welcomed.

Why video helps with induction

Showing new workers the onboarding videos before their individual meetings with managers helps to save time on your end also. It’s a great way to answer the common questions so that you’re meeting with them is more personalised to their specific queries.

Provides a smoother entrance into the company

Think of yourself as a new employee. You’re new manager swiftly sets you up with a desk and computer, a branded pen and notepad. Then you’re given the morning to read a fifty-page, photocopied spiral document on the company’s protocols and policies. Not exactly riveting, instead these booklets beg to be skimmed over.

A video guide, on the other hand, is a more relaxed approach, but a more memorable one. You can really focus on the key aspects of what you want new people to your team to understand. It takes show don’t tell to another level.

Improves communication

Video gets ideas and thoughts across way more effectively than the written word. Dr Mehrabian’s conclusion on the interpretation of a message is “7 percent verbal, 38 percent vocal and 55 percent visual. The conclusion was that 93 percent of communication is “nonverbal” in nature.”

It’s the blend of images, tone, music, lighting and language within videos that make concepts memorable and easier to grasp. We can help you find the right tone and messaging for your business while keeping it fresh and engaging.

Boosts team morale

Especially if you’re reading this through the various COVID lockdowns then keeping the human touch is crucial in helping to meet worker’s social needs. Well-crafted videos can be genuinely uplifting or inspiring.

Letting your staff know that you’re there to support them can help boost morale and help them to excel and utilise their talents. Working from home can be incredibly challenging, which is why creating and sharing helpful video content is so important.

Helps integrate remote workers

And here we come to the crux. If you’re onboarding people during a pandemic, how can they get a feel for the company culture if they’ve never set foot inside the business? Videos can help people feel welcomed and to be proactive with any questions they have. Often, we blend animation with clips from relevant people in the team so that new workers can get to know the staff they’ll be working with.

Internal messaging videos

Any changes or launches in the company can also benefit from a video introduction. Again let’s come back to the viewpoint of your team members – not just those new to the company.

Not many people suffer from a quiet inbox – generally, emails come in hard and fast. It’s our nature at this stage to skim overall but the absolutely critical ones. Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to 10% when reading it in text. So if it’s information retention you’re after, then video is the best way to connect with teams.

Top tip

Approach your production company with objectives and creative ideas as soon as possible. Also, it’s often best for the outcome of the project to come in with an open mind. An experienced team will be able to offer innovative suggestions to get the best end result for your business.

If you’re looking to support your team through video or offer informational video, we at Videoworks can help. Anything from a casual shot welcome videos to in-depth animations and everything in between can be created to enhance your onboarding process. Get in touch with us here at Videoworks so we can start developing content for you.