Social Media Reopening Strategy Post-COVID

The majority of industries are set to open back up at some stage during the summer. What we’ve got here is a list of seven effective and achievable goals to hit over the next few weeks so that your brands social media exactly where it needs to be for your relaunch.

Why is a relaunch strategy necessary?

We know that you’ve got an entire business to pull back together, so why is a relaunch campaign so essential?

In short, a relaunch strategy creates hype. People want excitement and an injection of joy as they celebrate entering into a more normal world. A relaunch campaign can be that special occasion event they’ve been seeking for well over a year. Being the company that is thoughtful, customer-focused and just as excited as they are to reopen will boost footfall, engagement and word of mouth.

So enough about why a relaunch is essential, let’s explore how to get the ball rolling for your business.

The top 7 tips for the run-up to your reopening

1. Connect with your customers

Not only let them know that you’re back in business but open up your platforms for interactivity. Host fun polls that have q and a’s about the most exciting and informative parts of your business. Social media users still want engaging content, but there is a move towards wanting content that is informative and helpful.

2. Collaborate

Reach out to other stores reopening and see if you can pool your resources to encourage better reach of your reopening campaign. For example, if you are a hairdresser, can you collaborate with a boutique so that you both can share coupons for both of your brand’s customer base. This has several benefits:

  • Customers get a great deal
  • Showcases the human side of your brand
  • Your brand appears more friendly and community-focused
  • Increases brand awareness and reach

This can work for a broad range of industries – try to find a business that has a similar target demographic and get in touch!

3. Behind the scenes

Showing the ups and downs of reopening can be a great way to boost engagement.


Social media users are tired of seeing business plaster a smiley face all the time. That doesn’t mean that all your content has to include some disastrous event, but people are interested in seeing the reality of running a business.

Many businesses are undergoing delays of products, trying to open maybe for the fourth or fifth time since March 2020. Showing the more disheartening moments, along with the excitement of getting closer to the reopening date, makes your audience feel like they are on the journey with you. And that means they are much more likely to support when your doors are finally open.

4. Create a countdown and HYPE up your opening day

Create a snapshot of what you and your team are getting up to to prepare for the grand reveal.

If you’re creating some beautiful displays or giving your storefront a makeover, you can offer sneak peeks that will leave your audience curious. Having a countdown shows how much your business means to you and builds anticipation for the reopening date.

5. Giveaways

Hosting giveaways on socials is an excellent way to build your following on your social channels. An average of over 34% of new customers is acquired through contests. Offer different stages of entry– simply like and follow and tag one person can be counted as one entry. Offering three entries for sharing on their stories entices people to share the giveaway to their audience, creating a domino effect.

It’s also good to give a really enticing giveaway (see top tip below) and marketing as such!

A lot of users will opt for the minimum entry. However, followers that are eager to win this prize will share across stories and tag a bunch of friends.

Top tip: pair up with other businesses for the giveaway. This makes the overall prize more enticing, increases the number of entries and increases the reach and success of the giveaway overall. Having all of the participants push across their socials also gives a significant boost.

6. Create a video campaign

Whatever platform you use to reach out to your audience, creating a video campaign can help capture the excitement in ways a photo and caption can only dream of achieving. Whether your business is small and growing or well established, creating video content is perfect for reminding customers why they choose your business and reaching out to new customers.

Allocate a budget for your video campaign and go from there. Shooting from your smartphone will give a relaxed tone, and you can build up to a professional crew to capture the build-up in precisely the way you envision. A video production team can help with everything from storyboarding to post-production so that you can focus on getting your business ready for launch.

7. Liven up your socials

Especially on the day before or even the morning of the big day – going live has more than one benefit.

It is the ultimate reminder that you and your business are ready to welcome its customers. Don’t be afraid to showcase some nerves; as I’ve mentioned before, showing your human side warms people to your brand. It can just be 5-10 minutes of how everything on your premise is laid out now. You can also show all the safety measures your business is taking. Lives are also displayed at the very start of your followers’ stories, so it’s great for visibility. Lastly, it’s a brilliant way to capture the excitement to greet customers again finally gives your audience an enticement to be a part of the magic.

Here at Videoworks, we shine the light on our client’s brand and have the expertise and storytelling talent to get your audience excited and invested in your brand’s reopening. Chat to one of us here at Videoworks today to propel your reopening success.