The importance of correct risk assessment in video production

The health and safety of crew members, clients and the public is of paramount importance for VideoWorks on any production that we are involved in. Not only should we plan for shoots with safety concerns in mind but we should also ensure that all stakeholders are briefed and familiar with the potential risks present on any filming location.


From trip hazards to burn risks, crowd control to traffic management, a film set can be a recipe for disaster if not properly managed. A risk assessment form should be completed prior to each and every shoot to ensure that all risks are properly considered and that all precautions are taken.


This Risk Assessment template helps the Producer, Location Manager, 1st AD or Production Manager detail every aspect of the shoot from a safety point of view. It records the risks, the precautions which can be taken and the responsibilities of different crew members on set in relation to their own specific safety issues.


When completed this form should be issued to all individuals who will be in attendance on the day of the shoot so that they are fully informed and up to speed on safety issues. This document in its completed form would normally be issued alongside the call sheet for the filming day in question.


Insurers will often insist that risk assessments are carried out and the risk assessment form be completed in order for the insurance policy to be valid. Similarly representatives from the location being utilised will also request a completed and signed risk assessment before they will allow anyone on site.


This document is an extremely valuable tool for any video production business and most importantly it is a document that could save a life.

Download a template risk Assessment form here

Risk Assessment Template for Film and Video Production

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