Promo Video Example

A good promotional video or promo video gives the viewer an idea of your brand, style, tone and its products or services. An exceptional promo video teases the viewer and intrigues them enough to explore your offerings.

We’ve said it time and again in our VideoWorks blog, it’s not an easy task in 2022 to stand out from the crowd with video content. Not without a compelling concept and powerful storytelling. So let’s take inspiration from brands that have created truly impressive promo videos.

Why promo videos work

86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool, holding steady from last year. On top of that, 92% of marketers using video say that it’s an important part of their marketing strategy.

That’s all well and good, but the key element in their research is this:

87% of video marketers reported that video gives them a positive ROI — a world away from the lowly 33% who felt that way in 2015.

A promo video will explain more in a minute than a thousand words would about your brand— its personality, USPs and tone. Combining music, voiceovers, imagery, and lighting creates infinite possibilities to express what you need to potential customers.

Promo videos last— they are evergreen and can be chopped up and used across social media and landing pages.

Enough talk— let’s get onto our standout examples.

Five of the best promo videos

1. Mag Grow— A Better Way to Spray

Mag Grow’s help farmers develop better ways to spray while reducing the adverse impact of farming on the planet. All while improving the food that farmers grow.

Mag Grow is one of our own clients— so we’ll take you through what we focused on to create this promo video. Taking dramatic drone shots and combining them with uplifting music reveals the core of this brand— hope for the future of the farming industry and for the planet. The language is easy to understand with stats that showcase just how effective Mag Grow sprays are as well as the costs savings for the farmers. It’s really important to understand your customers, their needs and their pain points.

We also interviewed customers who experienced an increased ROI, improved quality of output and reduced costs. “It’s a no brainer!”, claimed one such Mag Grow customer. Interviewing loyal customers is a great way to build trust in promo videos.

2. “So yeah, we tried Slack…”

This promo video has a clever premise — it takes the side of the sceptic business owner. Why would a company need Slack when they already have email? The company then tries Slack, and their team’s communication is revolutionised.

If your business is providing a service or product that isn’t out there already, it can be hard for customers to get on board. Voicing concerns straight out with a hypothetical scenario can be playful but also makes your brand’s offerings more tangible and enticing. The classical music and almost sit-com style videography is definitely attention-grabbing.

3. Airbnb Plus

Everyone knows Airbnb by now. It’s a platform that connects people from around the world to incredible places to stay and interesting things to do.

Airbnb Plus is their new tier of exceptional hosts that go above and beyond. The one thing that would hold holiday goers from booking an Airbnb is the potential of having a bad experience. Perhaps the space isn’t too clean, or the customer service is horrendous. In this video, Airbnb offers a solution— verified hosts that have a super space to give you the best experience on your getaway.

The video’s tone is calming as the hosts prepare all the small details to make a memorable stay for the guests. The second half of the video is filled with snapshots of wonderful moments within these pockets of paradise. Another clever part of this video is they’ve included families, friends and couples within the video as Airbnb has a broad target market. By touching base with different types of getawayers, they can connect with as many people as possible in these promos.

4. Keep Discovering — Discover Ireland

Here is a masterpiece of storytelling and gaining repeat customers. Even if your business isn’t as epic as the Irish landscape, there is a lot to be taken from this promo video example. Discover Ireland is subtle in its selling, which is the way of modern marketing. The jump out aspects of this video is its emotive language used, the dramatic sweeps of landscape, the cosy fireside fires crackling. In sixty seconds, you are transported into everything the Discover Ireland brand encapsulates. This isn’t wishy-washy marketing. No, it’s direct and heart-tugging. Bringing bold in your brand statement is a sure-fire way to attract your target viewers.

The slogan of their brand is strong here, too: “There’s always more to explore”. Even if you live in Ireland, or you’ve come every year for the last decades, there will always be hidden gems to uncover. So, how can your brand incorporate strong storytelling to draw customers back to your brand?

5. No H20

We’re finishing up with one of our own clients. When creating a promo video with the waterless car wash business, we had a clear vision from the start. This promo is one of those satisfying videos to watch. With edgy music and close-ups of a car returning to its shining glory, this video was a real success for our customers. Showing the car owner rock up after a day of shopping to a spotlessly clean car appeals to their customers. The transitions are seamless, echoing the quality of experience No H20 provides.

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