When to use live-streaming

Live streaming can be a great asset when used in the right scenario, it’s important to evaluate whether or not it will benefit you before jumping right in. Will it add to your video goals without taking away from your other content? Here are some situations where live streaming can be used to your advantage.

Promoting Live Events

Live streaming can be great for promoting live events as it gives people an alternative way to engage with your event if they can’t make it in person. Virtual Events are such an important part of lift right now.


Announcements are another great way to get viewers to tune in to your live stream. Unlike emails and newsletters, video is a really personable way of reaching a wide audience and doing it live means it reaches them without delay. 

Interviews & Panel Discussions

When capacity or location is a hindrance to to your event, interviews and panel discussions can be as effective when they are live streamed. Once all other elements of production are of a high standard, for example; sound and lighting, there’s very little difference to the viewers in the audience and the viewers tuning into your stream.

Workshops and Training Sessions

Workshops and training sessions are another effective use of live streams. You can offer the sessions to a wider range of people as location and travel is no longer a factor. More people are likely to tune in and take part from the comfort of their own home or office. These can also be done as one on one sessions in the same way.